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What URL name should I create for my profile? - Knowledgebase / Getting Started - Therapy Live Help Desk

What URL name should I create for my profile?

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We recommend that you make your URL name an easy one to remember. If you would like to add titles or credentials with your name, you will be able to include them with your professional name inside your profile. Your URL is the name that follows the forward slash (/) after URL name). We suggest that you do not use dashes, numbers, or spaces. 

Your URL name should be one that is directly relevant to you and your practice. You may not use profane, obscene, or similar potentially objectionable words within your URL or professional name. You may not use any name that infringes on the intellectual property, trademarks, or other similar marks of any other entity. Additionally, you cannot use the names of nations, states, provinces, territories, cities, municipalities, or schools, charities, corporations, or entities that you are unaffiliated. You will not be able to use URL names that are generic, such as therapy, therapist, psychologist, counselling, or treatment for example. A good rule of thumb is to go with the name that your clients often call you, such as /Julie, /DrJulie, /DrJulieSmith, or /DrSmith.

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